AUSTIN, Texas - A new course is available to Reliability and Maintenance Managers and Directors offering an opportunity to learn the best practice Asset Strategy Management process for the first time ever. ASM for Reliability Leaders joins the ARMS Reliability suite of virtual instructor-led training courses offered in various time zones around the world.

For over 20 years, ARMS Reliability has been helping some of the world’s largest companies transform their approach to managing reliability strategies through a combination of consulting, training and cutting-edge technology. As the pioneers of Asset Strategy Management, a process of building, deploying and sustaining optimal asset strategies to achieve the optimal levels of risk and performance, ARMS Reliability has taken years of theory and practice, combined with expert knowledge, to create the new course offering.

“We’ve worked with many organisations in various industries to develop and implement an ASM process, all of whom have seen tremendous value.  Until now, this knowledge transfer has only been available through our consulting services. Our team is excited to launch the ASM for Leader’s course and are looking forward to helping leaders optimize their approach to asset management,” said Jason Apps, CEO of ARMS Reliability.

The new course is based on principals published in “Asset Strategy Management ASMx A Leader's Guide to Reliability Transformation in the Digital Age” an essential guide providing the framework for continuous reliability improvement. ASM for Leaders training provides attendees with the foundations of ASM and teaches how to effectively implement ASM into the asset management system to drive positive change.

“The learnings from the Asset Strategy Management training session have been invaluable. The topics covered were most relevant for what we are trying to achieve and absolutely spot-on in delivering the tools and knowledge I need to be able to perform my role.”

- Johan Schoeman, Reliability Specialist, NYRSTAR

ASM101 - Asset Strategy Management for Leaders

Designed to give you everything you need to lead and manage an Asset Strategy Management (ASM) process

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