Deliver a step change in asset performance, enterprise-wide.

Balancing risk, cost and performance is challenging in any asset-intensive dynamic operation. With cost and resource constraints, the pressures of justifying maintenance activities, identifying and managing risk, standardizing asset management practices, and driving continuous improvement, is challenging.


Are you experiencing any of these problems?

  • Escalating pressure to standardize and improve asset reliability across the entire asset base
  • Difficulty in understanding the strategies employed for common assets
  • Inconsistencies in strategies and master data leading to confusion over performance outcomes
  • Inability to leverage sound improvement initiatives across the entire asset base
  • Loss of asset intelligence and experience in the absence of a common content database
  • Challenges in benchmarking and comparing performance across assets and sites
  • Difficulty in determining where to focus first for the best ROI

We implement strategic changes to drive improvements and regain control, through structured processes that deliver immediate rapid results and ongoing long term value. Our solutions enable the influence, governance and change management control of continuous asset performance improvement. Organizational intelligence and execution excellence is leveraged across the entire asset base, exponentially increasing the ROI on improvement initiatives.

How ARMS Reliability Helps

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Build Reliability into Design

RAMS studies conducted in the early phases of the Front-end Engineering Design (FEED) process enables you to verify design decisions, including redundancy levels and equipment type selection, identify critical reliability issues, and assess the impact of maintenance outages on production availability and capacity.

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Improve Performance

Ensure optimal whole of life asset strategies are deployed to all your assets, identify bottlenecks, assess shutdown intervals and establish how to extend them.

Forecast expected levels of system availability and production levels, and cost / resource requirements to maintain equipment, as well as high risk areas and items.

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Manage Risk

Identify areas of risk proactively by developing insight into the disparity between what’s getting executed and approved asset strategies. Assess risk of high severity, low likelihood events and determine appropriate mitigation strategies.

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Reduce Costs

Determine asset strategies yielding the best balance of risk, cost and performance to ensure delivery of corporate objectives at minimal costs. Implement an ongoing cost, risk and performance management process.

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Increase Productivity

Utilize a structured equipment knowledge base and corporate endorsed master data standards to ensure similar equipment and maintenance activities are managed from one source to eliminate duplication, confusion, and inconsistent performance.

As our asset base grows and our assets age, it is even more important for our maintenance strategies to be well planned and executed.  By working with ARMS Reliability, we are able to leverage industry best practice tools, so we can deploy the best possible solutions for our entire asset base, in the most efficient manner.

Andrew Behn, Team Leader Maintenance Engineering & Delivery Planning
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