Identify causes of poor reliability. Implement solutions. Deliver performance.

There is no one way to improve equipment reliability, simply because the cause of unreliability is variable. The first step in any reliability improvement project is to identify and quantify the causes of unreliability, so that a prioritized plan of improvement can be developed, justified and implemented.


Are you experiencing any of these problems?

  • Less availability or capacity that required
  • Too many unplanned failures and outages
  • There is no apparent single cause of unreliability
  • You are not sure exactly what needs to change to improve reliability
  • The asset has underperformed for some time and no matter what it doesn't seem to improve

ARMS Reliability have developed a project based approach to improving equipment reliability, and ultimately improved business performance. We combine decades of expertise, with a blend of cause and effect analysis, maintenance strategy review, risk management, task consolidation and operational practices review, to determine the exact causes of unreliability and the impact of each, to understand where improvements can be made. 

How ARMS Reliability Helps

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Understand the key causes of unreliability

Before any reliability improvement can begin, for each specific asset some analysis is required to determine the particular causes of unreliability for that asset.

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Prioritize initiatives and build business case

Once the causes of unreliability are understood, they can be quantified and therefore prioritized for initiatives. The quantification element supports the business case for the projects.

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Implement workable solutions

On completion of the projects full implementation plans are generated, with the projects not signed off until full solution implementation is complete.

Questions? We'll put you on the right path.

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We have been pleased with the timely and efficient delivery of the project goals. Working in collaboration with ARMS Reliability, we have seen significant time and cost savings.

Nima Gorjian Jolfaei, Lead Asset Planner
SA Water