Execute the right tasks, for the right balance of risk, performance and cost.

The pressure to reduce maintenance costs in an asset intensive industry is constant. The pressure of balancing this with an aging asset base, upwards pressure on outputs or performance levels, and retirement rates in experienced technical resources is very real.


Are you experiencing any of these problems?

  • Are you able to meet the performance targets with the budget allocation you have?
  • Do you have line of site from documented failure modes, risks and maintenance tasks?
  • Is data available to justify tasks and task intervals?
  • Can you identify the key cost drivers?
  • Are you able to reduce reactive work volume?

ARMS Reliability has developed deep expertise and experience in assessing current maintenance programs, reducing costs and/or justifying budgets that are defensible against performance targets.


How ARMS Reliability Helps

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Determine if assets and budget will deliver performance targets

In many organizations there is a disconnect between the budgeting process and performance target setting. It is critical to first establish if the current asset base can deliver the performance targets with the current budget allocation for asset care and maintenance.

Our modeling process can establish if the targets can be met with the current budget and further, determine if the budget can be reduced and performance maintained. Once the model is in place, it can be a continual tool to justify budget amounts and make assessments of the impact on cost and performance with any budget cuts.

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Determine best cost position

The high cost assets tend to be informally understood in most organizations but at times actual numbers are hard to come by, often in part due to the configuration and use of the EAM system. However, in terms of assessing budget spend and identifying areas for improvement, real data and communication of the assessment and approach is key.

Analyzing EAM system data to identify and generate easy to understand assessments is an important first step to support the assessment and review of maintenance plans for key assets. Current plans can be challenged and optimized with the support of any available data to ensure the most cost-effective tasks are in place and that budgets are defensible.

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Optimize maintenance plans

To generate a completely defensible zero-based budget, we use a FMECA based assessment of your assets to develop cost justified tasks. They are grouped into practical packages of work and deployed directly into your EAM system.

The initial assessment sets the baseline for a dynamic budgeting and optimization process, driven by real data and site experience to fine tune costs and performance.

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Optimize shutdown / turnaround intervals

An effective shutdown is not just about the outage being completed on-time and on-budget. To drive performance of the system, what’s imperative is that the correct work is conducted at each outage and that the equipment can actually meet the desired up-time before the next scheduled outage.

Through a detailed assessment of asset care requirements and shut down task requirement, we challenge traditional shut intervals, optimize the interval and assess the likely impact on costs and performance of moving shutdown intervals. If the desired shutdown interval cannot be met without increased risk, the offending components / failure modes can be identified in order to address them.

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After working with ARMS Reliability, our processing plant is ready for anything. The operations and maintenance teams can continually build on our optimized maintenance strategies using live data - to continuously improve and enhance them, and greatly improve the overall performance of the plant.

Rodney Pickett, Asset Management Engineering Manager
Avista Utilities