Cordant™ Root Cause Analysis Training Courses

A suite of courses that provide a working knowledge of the Cause Tree methodology, an understanding of fundamental problem-solving processes, and practical skills to facilitate investigations to form a complete RCA and Defect Elimination program for a company.

You will be able to:

  • Learn how to lead and facilitate an RCA investigation, with an understanding of the methodology and interactive exercises
  • Tackle recurring problems and reverse a lack of confidence in current solutions
  • Gain stakeholder buy-in for broader reliability initiatives

Asset Strategy Management Training Courses

ASM is a dedicated process with the objective of ensuring reliability strategy decisions (what you choose to do) and reliability strategy content (how you choose to do it and why you chose to do it) is optimal and implemented on all assets all the time.

You will:

  • Broaden your knowledge of the role of ASM in the asset management system and the value it delivers
  • Understand the key elements for effective reliability strategy development
  • Understand the foundations of ASM and how to implement them
Code Title Duration
ASM101 ASM for Reliability Leaders 1 day

Reliability Training Courses

Courses that will equip you with effective decision making so that you can reduce risk and maximize the reliability and availability of your assets.


You will be able to perform:

  • Reliability analysis using the right tool from the Reliability Toolkit
  • Reliability improvement activities throughout your organization
  • Failure mode based analysis and task mitigation
  • Maintenance strategy development with justified, optimized tasks
  • Plant or system availability and capacity modelling and identify areas for improvement

Isograph Software Training Courses

Learn how to use Isograph’s Availability Workbench™ (AWB) software to simulate reliability, availability and maintenance decisions over a lifetime. Understand the relevance of the software to RCM methodology, Reliability Block Diagram modelling, and Life Cycle Costing studies.

You will be able to perform:

  • Analysis of failure data in Isograph’s Availability Workbench™ using a range of distributions
  • A complete RCM study including maintenance task development and optimisation
  • Availability and Capacity modelling using Reliability Block Diagrams
  • Life Cycle Costing using simulated data from other AWB modules
Code Title Duration
AWB101 AWB - The Weibull Module 4 hours
AWB201 AWB - The RCMCost Module 2 days
AWB301 AWB - The AvSim Module 2 days
AWB401 AWB - The LCC Module 2 hours

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